Pricing Policy

Shopping Sale News (SSN) is not into Pricing Games

SSN monitors our competition in each category or collection and set our pricing to what we feel is fair and reasonable.

We are reminded of a recent brick and mortar chain store that marked up a sale item; then discounted it 80%.

However, the 80% "discounted price" was still higher than the "original price" as pointed out by an informed shopper that sued and settled with the store 

SSN follows the industries "Best Business Practices"

Markups or margins according to the items original cost (item cost + shipping) to offer our customers "Free Shipping"

Lower priced items have a higher markup or margin than higher priced items

Sale Prices

SSN offers "quality products" from our "worldwide network of wholesalers" at reasonable sale prices

SSN does not markup our products and then offer so-called 80-90% sale prices


Most items are discounted 25% on total sales of USD $50.00 or more 

Bulk Sales Special Orders

Inquire for special "Bulk Sale" pricing such as team sport uniforms, T-Shirts and local storefronts  

All inquires may by made to